Celebrity Lifestyle Brands Acquires Be Your Own You

February 10, 2016 Celebrity Lifestyle Brands (CLB), authorized and acquired 100% of Be Your Own You – BYOU, LLC.

BYOU sells products designed to allow girls and women to wear apparel that makes a statement about being loving, caring, genuine and authentic. Their designs encompass a positive self-esteem and age-appropriate focus for young girls that draws the attention and appreciation of friends and parents, coupled with a fun, contemporary designs girls and young women love, and often times promoted or endorsed by their favorite Celebrity or Influencer.

BYOU has several collections each focused on a specific market segment. BYOU “Sweetheart” collection is aimed at girls 5-8 years old. The collection is positioned as the BYOU “Starter Set”. “BYOU 4Ever” collection is a tween/teen series aimed at girls 9-17. The “Love U” collegiate collection is focused on sharing the power of love and self-love, and perfectly epitomizes BYOU’s mission. Relevant style and clever graphics that our demographic aged 16-24 will identify with and want to have. The “BYOU Tribal” collection is a symbolic collection with an edge, aimed at high school and college aged girls.

BYOU also has the division; BYOU Celebrity Series. BYOU has partnered with three (3) different celebrities; Bethany Hamilton, Jen Lilley, and Sadie Robertson to help raise money for their respective charities’.

About BYOU:
BYOU was created to instill the mindset to Be Your Own You; which means to not succumb to pressures (society, media, peer, or other) or the opinions of others, and instead, to celebrate all the greatness that is YOU. BYOU has specifically designed completed collections appealing to specified demographic segments. Each collection will be augmented and expanded, continuing to provide appeal and representing current taste and fashion.

About Celebrity Lifestyle Brands:
Celebrity Lifestyle Brands is a holding and management company that partners with celebrities/influencers with large social media following to help them create a ”Lifestyle Brand” and build & manage their ecommerce digital footprint to further monetize their fan base. It is our mission to be a “trusted partner” to the celebrity/influencer who will in fact look out for the best interest of the celebrity/influencer.

Co-founder, Bernt Ullmann, brings over 30 years in successful brand management, licensing and sales to the Company. He is a leader in creating, incubating, developing, marketing and distributing leading lifestyle brands globally. He has tremendous access to leading retailers, manufacturers, brands and celebrities worldwide. During his career, he generated over $6 billion in transactions working with superstars such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Adam Levine, Daymond John, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons.

Contact telephone: 760-233-2860