Celebrity Lifestyle Brands Hires New Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chris Meats

On November 29, 2017 CLB (Celebrity Lifestyle Brands), brought in Mr. Chris Meats as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), of the Company. As CTO, Chris Meats is responsible for working with Executive Management to grow the company through the use of technological resources. Chris Meats is in charge of all company technology for both CLB and its’ wholly owned subsidiary T-REXecom, Inc, including technological resources and works with executive management to establish the company’s technology vision, strategies, and plans for growth.

“Chris has over ten years of development and managerial experience that we will greatly benefit from” said; CLB, President, Greg Writer. Greg goes on to say; “Chris has experience working with many enterprise level web and mobile applications from a variety of industries including E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Engineering and the Medical industries”. For the past five years Chris has worked for a web development agency serving the needs of clients both locally and internationally to solve business process needs through better processes and web/mobile applications.

About Celebrity Lifestyle Brands:
Celebrity Lifestyle Brands, Inc., formed in 2016, is a holding and management company that partners with celebrities/influencers with large social media following to help them create a ”Lifestyle Brand” and build & manage their ecommerce digital footprint to further monetize their fan base.

The Celebrity Lifestyle Brands team integrates, understands and influences all levels of ecommerce and marketing. We help our celebrity clients set and exceed goals, generate new revenues, and navigate the digital countryside. With our unique, full service model, we build your ecommerce presence, navigate blended multichannel marketing strategies, and connect technologies needed for a consumer empowered marketplace. It is the Company’s mission to be a “trusted partner” to the celebrity/influencer who will look out for the best interest of our clients.

About T-REXecom
T-REXecom is a cloud-based, multi-channel ecommerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Merchants use the software to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media and brick-and- mortar locations. T-REX also provides sellers with a powerful back-office providing a strategic overview of their business. T-REXecom powers motivated entrepreneurs globally by creating, managing and selling powerful personalized apparel and merchandise through its software. T-REXecom offers multiple online storefront solutions made for people who want to start a business, but don’t want to worry about web design, Product Development or coding. Clients choose from multiple or single niche stores with pre-populated fully customizable themed storefronts. Multiple art
packs and products are available for purchase separately allowing users to create their own products. Additional plugins and technologies allows users to leverage Facebook for sales.